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Try something new on your next date!

Half the fun of dating is trying something new and exciting. Most of us that have lived in the area a while know that St. Augustine or the beach are fun date destinations, so let’s explore some options off the beaten path (literally)!

There are almost a dozen local and state parks in the area that offer breathtaking views of nature. Washington Oaks Garden is a beautiful place, great for a quiet romantic picnic. Surprise your other half with a relaxing day of strolling through nature and enjoying peace and quiet. It’ll be a wonderful break from your hectic schedule.

The Baliker Gallery
The Baliker Gallery – Photo by: customgheenoe.com

Appreciating the beauty of the world around you, helps you to appreciate the beauty within. That is why visiting an art gallery is an unconventional, yet eye opening experience. The Baliker Gallery in Palm Coast is natural works by a local artist. Natural wooden sculptures will open the channels of communication and help get those deeper conversations flowing during your date.

Couple Canoe

Looking for something a little more active for your next date? Palm Coast and the surrounding areas are full of lakes, rivers, inlets, ponds, all sorts of bodies of water. There are companies that allow you to rent canoes or kayaks to explore our rivers and marshes. This is a great option if you’re nervous because you can always talk about the ever-changing scenery. Plus, you can show off those muscles you’ve been working so hard on at the gym.

This is just scratching the surface of the cool and unique things available to do in our area, so pluck up some courage and ask that special someone out for an adventure!

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